News Maintencance

Adding new News/Event Entries

Teasers for new News/Events shall be added to the front-page. Therefore edit the top-level file:


Best copy & paste an old entry and modify it accordingly. Teasers shall provide a link using a 'more' text/icon where details are available. Furthermore, teasers shall be separated by horizontal bars. The following snippet may serve as example:

<!-- News Entry -->
<p><small>01-01-2010</small><br />
The EU project AsTeRICS started with participations from our department.</a>
<a style="position: relative; float: right;" class="more" 

<!-- Separator -->
<div id="separator"></div> 

News/Events Archival

News and events are groupd quarterly. Hence, every quarter a new fileset shall be created using the following filenaming convention. It is best to copy an older fileset and simply rename it.


The only ting to adjust in the new *.php file is the line where the new *.html file shall be included. The *.html file shall be updated with new entries. Furthermore, the link to the new *.php file shall be upodted in every topmenu across the entire site. Therefore, simply adjust the link in the file:


Furthermore, the now old newsfile shall be added to the sidebarmenu in the news section. Therefore, simply add an entry in the file: