How to add a new staff member entry

Person related information is present at the following locations on the WEB server:

  1. staff overview pages
  2. project staff overview pages
  3. staff member pages

Herein, the first two are identical in structure.

Staff overview and project staff overview pages

These pages are made up of two *.php file. The first one (as with all other pages) is responsible for the page structure, and the second one for the actual content. The latter, however, uses PHP functions to ease maintenance. See Step 8 under Project creation for details.

Staff member pages

Staff member pages reside in subdirectories (typically using the familyname) below the /staff directory. Individual staff pages are constructed (at least) from the following files:

  1. index.php ... builds the page structure and includes in the header the javascript below
  2. *.jpg ... photograph (ideally with white background) - size 90 x 120 pixels
  3. index.html ... information about the staff member
  4. *.js ... javascript with a random name (the name needs to be refered from the index.php) that generates the eMail address
  5. sidebarmenu.html ... holds the sidebar menu to the left of the individual staff member pages

In order to create a new page grab the template and edit all files listed above:

Step I: Edit the header of index.php - adjust the name of the script (hudriwums.js - use a somewhat arbitratry filename).

  <?php include("../common/staffheader.html"); ?>
  <script src="hudriwums.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

Step II: Provide a photograph as *.jpg wit a resolution of 90 x 120 pixels. A white background is in harmony with the rest of the pictures.

Step III: Edit index.html - reply on the template wherever possible.

Step IV: Rename the javascript to reflect the filename from step I. Edit the file and replace the string 'test' with the given name and 'dummy' with the family name.

Step V: When you provide several more pages, create for every content page a *.php (a copy from the index.php) and a *.html file respectively. The outline of the latter should look like the example listing below. Edit the file sidebarmenu.html to provide links to the *.php files.

<div id="post">
  .... <!-- ============================================== -->
  .... <!-- put your content in here                       -->
  .... <!--                                                -->
  .... <!--                                                -->
  .... <!-- the content page has a max. width of 680 px !! -->
  .... <!-- ============================================== -->


Step VI: When done upload the files to the server to your /staff/familyname folder. Test your pages - provide the direct link to the subpages. Perform several test as describes < href="testing.php">here.

Step VII: Add a link to the your index.php by editing the rerspective overview staff (/staff/staff_content.php) or overview project staff pages. Finally test the overview page.