Deployment of your content to the server


You may opt to use rsync to keep either an entire copy or parts of the contents in sync with the content on the webserver. Syncing the contents from the server to a local directory can be done using:

rsync -r -t -v --progress -e ssh --rsync-path=~/bin/rsync local_folder

Syncing your contents from a local copy to the server:

rsync -r -t -v --progress -e ssh --rsync-path=~/bin/rsync local_folder

Note: When syncing to the server ensure that your local copy is more recent than the one on the server. Hence, to ensure this first always perform a sync from the server to your local copy.

In the above command replace "local_folder", "user" and "path_on_server" with the appropriate information. You may use a graphical front-end like grsync.


As an alternative you may copy single files and or directories to/from the server using scp or sftp. On MS Windows you may use the free tool winscp, using Linux sftp and scp are directly built into most of the file-managers like e.g. in nautilus select Go >> Location and enter (obviously replace 'user' and 'path_on_the_server' with the appropriate information):


Note: In either case ask the WEB admin for access permissions and detailed instructions on how to do so.