On aim of COMPASS is to provide a HW/SW codesign to meet the performance, dependability and cost requirements of automotive communication systems. A fundamental part therefore is to define metrics and measures to assess these non-functional requirements.
In a first step we identified the following component attributes for the non-functional requirements (cost, performance and dependability):

  • Performance
    • Measures:
      • Worst case execution time (WCET)
      • Data throughput
      • Memory allocation (static and dynamic)
      • Repsonse time
      • Execution time jitter
      • Initialisation duration
    • Metrics:
      • Average execution time
  • Cost
    • Intellectual property (IP) costs (component development costs
    • Proportional HW costs
    • Maintainance costs
    • Integration costs
  • Dependability
    • Availability
    • Reliability
    • Safety
    • Integrity
    • Maintainability

Based on these attributes we defined a set of metrics and measures to asses the non-functional properties. For details, please refer to the according technical reports.