The project assistiVe domoTics for Autonomous Living (ViTAL) deals with the research and development of technologies, which enable support of elderly and handicapped people in their daily activities. This promising topic makes it possible to increase the quality of life and allows safe and autonomous living in people's own homes. Furthermore it helps to get over the expenses of the care and social sector raised through the demographic development.
In the context of ViTAL, assistive domotics with focus on smart homes, e-health and assistive robotics are being researched. The already gained knowledge of the UAS Technikum Wien in this sector as well as current research results of national and international research projects will be combined in ViTAL. Moreover, project results and knowledge will be transfered it into education, which increases its quality as well as the attractiveness of the UAS Technikum Wien in general.
Therefore various existing lectures get adapted, plus several new specialization lectures get created in the progress of ViTAL. Approved didactic methods are deployed, gender and diversity aspects being an integral part. Suitable distance learning means will be developed to support employed students.
The effectiveness of this project will be enhanced through public relations activities such as publications, workshops, exhibitions and other events (e.g. Lange Nacht der Forschung/Forschungsfest).

The project ViTAL is located at the Research Group Embedded Systems, University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien.

This project is funded by the City of Vienna, department MA23, under grant number MA23-Projekt 15-03.

The duration of the Project is from October 2014 to February 2018.