An intriguing and annoying problem when dealing with open-source development tool-chains for embedded systems is their complex setup that often is very frustrating for novices in the field of Embedded Systems leading to poor acceptance.

Modern cloud-based development environments like the one offered by mbed, in contrast, alleviate this tooling overhead and additionally provide a social media platform to support collaboration and exchange of experience. Mbed and similar cloud-based IDEs for Embedded Systems Software, however, lack some professionalism with regard to debugging, code version management or support of different hardware platforms.

In the context of this work-package, we develop an Embedded Systems Cloud IDE based on Cloud-9 that tries to solve this issue with minimal local installation overheads. Below is a screenshot of our implementation.
In contrast to other solutions, our Embedded Systems Cloud IDE enables convenient debugging of embedded systems.
The Cloud-IDE as well as other relevant project results are avaliable as open-source hosted on GitHub.