Project Goals

The overall goal of the iPlat project is to evaluate and integrate today's existing sophisticated platforms for embedded (hardware/software based) systems into the lectures and courses of the Department of Electronic Engineering to provide students of the UAS Technikum Wien a modern curriculum and an education at an international level. Furthermore, it is the objective of the project to make newest state-of-the-art technology available for a diverse range of people with different background knowledge. This is done by, e.g., relying upon tools with graphical user interfaces. Moreover, the delopment of quickstart guides, tutorials, hello-world examples and the like as well as their integration into a project's Wiki are an essential part of the project.

Another project goal is the development of add-on boards and IP cores, based on the used platforms. Moreover, the realization of an interactive and safety-related demonstrator is an integral part of the project. The demonstrator is planned to be presented to the broad public at events like the "Lange Nacht der Forschung" or the "Open Days" of the UAS Technikum Wien. Finally, the demonstrator will also pose a nice use case for several of the R&D projects at our department.