Design Methods for Embedded Control Systems

The research project DECS is timely split into two phases, in particular, into a structure and know-how ramp-up phase and a deployment phase. The most relevant aims of the project are:

  • Planning of system architectures and derivation of according design and implementation processes
  • Component-based HW/SW CoDesign for Embedded Control Systems
  • Test and Diagnosis of Distributed Embedded Control Systems

Furthermore, the project will aid us to establish implementation competences regarding to:

  • Real-Time Operating Systems, Design and Implementation of System- and Basis-Software
  • FPGA, ASIC and SoC Design

The research project DECS is funded by the FHplus programme of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Traffic, Innovation and Technology BM:VIT and the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Culture BM:BWK and is managed by the Austrian Research Agency FFG under grant number 811414.