Publications in Context to the Competence Team Embedded Platforms

Conference and Journal Papers

Brejcha, Philipp; Beneder, Roman; Kramer, Michael: A two stage approach for a cost-effective and versatile debugging unit and starter platform, MESA12 - The 8th IEEE/ASME International Conference on Mechatronic and Embedded Systems and Applications, July 8-10, 2012, Suzhou, China; Paper ID: 56
Brejcha, Philipp; Beneder, Roman; Kramer, Michael: Increasing the attractivity of embedded system courses, IEEE EDUCON Education Engineering 2012 - Collaborative Learning & New Pedagogic Approaches in Engineering Education, Marakesch, Marokko, April 17 - 20, 2012
Brejcha, Philipp; Beneder, Roman; Kramer, Michael: New approaches for a distance learning course about Embedded Systems, IEEE EDUCON Education Engineering 2011 – Learning Environments and Ecosystems in Engineering Education, JORDAN, AMMAN,  April 04 - 06, 2011
Kramer, Michael; Beneder, Roman;Brejcha, Philipp: Reducing the entrance hurdle in Embedded System Engineering courses, The IEEE Region 8 EUROCON 2011 International Conference on Computer as a Tool joint with the Conference on Telecommunications, LISBON, PORTUGAL, April 27-29, 2011
Kramer, Michael; Beneder, Roman; Brejcha, Philipp; Balog, Peter: Dedicated Infrastructure for academic courses related to embedded systems design supporting students in distance learnign programs, Proceedings of the 7th International ASME/IEEE Conference on Mechatronics & Embedded Systems & Applications ASME/IEEE MESA 2011, August 28-31, 2011, Washington, DC, USA; Paper ID:  DETC2011/MESA-47843

Technical Reports (PDF copies available upon request)

Open OCD - Debugging with Cygwin and Eclipse on Windows
Setting up the Eclipse development environment
Installing Virtual Machine (Ubuntu) on Windows & Creating a demo application with Eclipse on STM32
Remote Lab - Debug Agent
Evaluation of commercial & cost – free IDEs
User Applications and Device Driver for uCLinux
Hardware Evaluation of commercial platforms
Analyse von Anpassungen
Didaktische analyse von Anwendungsfälle

PCB Designs

[CPUModul inklusive FHTW-JTAG]
Schematic and Layout of a Embedded Artists Baseboard compatible CPU Module including FTDI bases JTAG.
Schematic and Layout of the embedded systems "EStickV2". Usable as CPU module or standalone for student Projects. Also a small "giveaway" in a feature reduced version.

Lecture Notes

First Setup of the Embedded Artist LPC2478 baseboard and testing the development environment.
First Steps in uCLinux.
Basics about uBoot; How to flash uBoot to the board,how to configure startup of the board wit uBoot and select the boot method.
Description of the debugging configuration for standalone applications using a JTAG adapter.
Describes how to add a user application to the uCLinux image and Build process. Instructs how to bring it to the target.
Setup of the remote debugging process in Eclipse using a gdbserver on the target.
Describes necessary modifications in the kernel config dialog.
Basic background about device drivers and how to write and add a character device driver.
Further information about character device drivers.
First Example on OS Level. A guided tour writing a "Hello World!"" application an assignment to write a simple dialog program.
Introducing the General Purpose Input Output. Configuration of the GPIO and using it wiht a LED. Assignment for another GPIO usage.
Introduction of interrupt concepts and the timer peripheral. Usage for exact timing.
Explanation of an ADC unit. Description of the device driver interface. Assignment to utilize the ADC.
A brief introduction to Proteus VSM, Capabilities, Setup, How to use.
Step by guide to a blinking LED Example
A guide to use the UART, and a Task about the ADC.
A sophisiticated example with PWM and ADC. Motor Control.
[Toolchain installation guide]
An installation guide for various applications, which have to be installed to cross-compile applications for the eStickv2.
[Flash LPC1343]
A quick tutorial how to flash/program the LPC1343 which can be used either as a standalone microcontroller or as a debugger.
[LPC1343 Getting Started]
How to set up and configure a Eclipse project for the LPC1343 microcontroller.
[LPC1758 Getting Started]
How to set up and configure a Eclipse project for the LPC1758 microcontroller. Additionally a quick tutorial how to configure the LPC1343 microcontroller as a debugger and how to use the debugger.
[C programming for ATMEL microcontrollers]
A Presentation for the Bachelor Programs Biomedical Engineering and "Verkehr und Umwelt". Bitmanipulation, General Purpose I/O, UART, Interrupts, ADC
[Biomedical Applciations of Embedded Systems]
A Presentation for the Master Biomedical Engineering. Origin of bioelectric Signals, bioelectric amplifier design, digital fiters and DSP basics, firmware programming.

Software Ports and Examples

[Timer Task for LPC1343]
A simple task, based on the timer unit of the LPC1343, which should be used to toggle a LED with a predefined timing.
[UART Task for LPC1758]
A simple task, based on the UART interface of the LPC1758 microcontroller, which should be used to communicate with the PC.
[uCOS/III for LPC1758]
Port of the uCOS/III Realtime OS to the LPC1758
[uCOS/III for LPC1758]
Port of the uCOS/III Realtime OS to the LPC1758
[uCOS/III for LPC2478]
Port of the uCOS/III Realtime OS to the LPC1758
[uCOS/II for LPC2478]
Port of the uCOS/II Realtime OS to the LPC2478
[LCD driver for Embedded Artists LPC2478-16 Development kit]
Driver Library for the LPC2478-16 Development kit LCD. Incorporated ind uC/OSIII
[embedded TCP/IP Stack for LPC2478]
a simple embedded TCP/IP Stack.
Softwarestack to use the LPC1343 as a OpenOCD compatible JTAG interface
[USB - UART bridge for LPC1343]
Softwarestack to use the LPC1343 as USB ro UART bridge

Other Publications

various Bachelor and Master Theses, especially:

[Roman Beneder2011]
Master Thesis: Development of an OpenOCD compatible debugger for ARM - CMARMJTAG, FH Technikum Wien 2011

[Philipp Brejcha2011]
Master Thesis: Analyse didaktisch optimaler Anwendungsfälle im Bereich der Mikrocontrollerprogrammierung, FH Technikum Wien 2011