Competence Team Embedded Platforms - finished

The Competence Team Embedded Platforms is located at the Research Group Embedded Systems, University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien.
The objective of the competence team is to extend the expertise of embedded platforms and their application. This includes hardware, software, operating systems, middleware, communication, networks, and distributed systems. Development tools like Integrated Development Environments (IDEs), compilers, and debuggers are another major concern.
To put a One Platform for every Student (OPeS) concept into practice, hardware platforms at reasonable cost, combined with freely available development tools have been identified as a requirement. Therefore the crucial point for the competence team will be to find a reasonable trade-off between cost and industry relevance in conjunction with the selected platforms and tools.
The best way to fulfil those objectives seems to provide platforms for two different complexity levels. The basic courses utilizing an unrestricted available platform for every student, while the higher level taking even more respect to industry relevance. Thus the advanced courses shall be supported by a Remote Embedded Application Laboratory (REAL). REAL will provide the students entirely flexible access to complex, thus expensive, hardware and applications. This is beneficial for every student, and of even higher importance for part time students in distance learning environments.
Furthermore the competence team's research activities will focus on new didactical concepts for embedded systems and the pursuit and anticipation of future trends.

The competence team will extend the existing level of expertise in the area of embedded systems, and will significantly enhance the attractiveness and industry relevance of the education platforms. The One Platform for every Student approach enables the students to work with real embedded systems even off-campus improving their individual practical skills. Novelties, such as Open Source toolchains and Remote Embedded Application Laboratories will be applied to several embedded systems related courses.

This project is funded by the City of Vienna, department MA23, under grant number MA27-Projekt 10-07.

The duration of the Project was from Nov. 2009 to Oct. 2012.