About Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Tauner, BSc

University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien
Department of Embedded Systems
Höchstädtplatz 6
A-1200 Wien, Austria

Room: F6.11
Phone: +43-1-3334077-316
Fax: +43-1-3334077-99316
eMail: (hidden)

Stefan Tauner was born 1983 in Vienna. After graduating from the Federal Higher Technical Institute Schellinggasse in 2003 and completing alternative civilian service, he began to study Computer Engineering (in the bachelor program) at the Vienna University of Technology. He continued the master program in 2009 which he finished with a thesis about unification of sensor data retrieval in mobile robots.

In fall 2013 he joined the Josef Ressel Center for Verification of Embedded Computing Systems as a junior researcher working in cooperation with Infineon Technologies Austria AG on bridging the gap between post-silicon validation and pre-silicon verification. Since September 2014 he works additionally on automating fault injection in FPGA designs in collaboration with Siemens.

Besides his research he is also teaching bachelor and master students in various courses on operating systems and low-level programming.

In his free time he acts as the lead developer of flashrom and contributes to other free and open source projects.