About Martin Stohanzl, MSc

University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien
Department of Electronic Engineering
Research Group Embedded Systems
Höchstädtplatz 6
A-1200 Wien, Austria

Room: F6.05
Phone: +43-1-3334077-5520
eMail: (hidden)

Martin Stohanzl was born 1990. After graduation at the HTL TGM Wexstraße in 1200 Wien he started with the Diploma study program Mechanical Engineering in Leoben, Styria. Diverse internships and curiosity for holistic product development lead to the switch to the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien. The bachelors study program Smart Homes and Assistive Technologies – basically an introduction to applied embedded systems – kick-started his electronics tinkering passion and concluded in his bachelors project for urban farming. Afterwards he chose the Master study program IoT and Smart Systems. Thereafter, he joined the Department of Electronics Engineering in October 2021 to work on the FORTE Research Project UGV-ABC Probe. Therein, his passion for computer vision (CV) was ignited, which he now attempts to share in various projects. His focus is on nurturing the understanding of the basics of (multi-camera) CV pipelines for development and application of low-cost mono-, multi- or hyper-spectral imagers in novel areas.

He also took great interest into the Austrian Startup ecosystem and participated in the Circle17, WTZ-Ost and other hackathons. From there he tried to co-start two projects (greenovation & farmnow.eu) up. Furthermore, he tries to share his learnings in youth Entrepreneurship Weeks.

Currently available student projects: https://es.technikum-wien.at/stoi/student-project-ideas