StudyATHome Internationally

StudyATHome Internationally - International Teaching Setup for Students in Assistive Technologies and Smart Homes

The faculty of Communication Technologies & Electronic Engineering of the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien (UAS Technikum Wien) offers 8 (6 part-time, 2 full-time) study programs in German (2 in English). In the winter semester 2016/17 no students of the faculty decided to go for student's exchange abroad. According to a survey conducted with students of the faculty, the majority (64%-96%) would like to go abroad for student's exchange but cannot realize it due to personal or vocational reasons (50%-75%). Additionally, many study programs of the faculty don't offer English teaching material for the technical courses.

The project "StudyATHome Internationally - International Teaching Setup for Students in Assistive Technologies and Smart Homes" aims to develop and implement an international teaching setup for students in Assistive Technologies (AT) and Smart Homes (SH) for people which are less mobile due to job, family or disability. This can be part-time students but also full-time students with a job, family or disability. Secondly, the courses of the faculty should be more attractive to incoming students of partner universities. Finally, the accessibility of the courses should be improved.

In course of the project, the following activities will be done (see: project overview presentation):

  • Internationalization at home
  • AsTeRICS eLearning
    • AsTeRICS Web: Development of a web platform for AsTeRICS developers.
    • AsTeRICS eLearning course: Creation of an eLearning course for AsTeRICS developers.
  • International Summer School for AT and SH
  • Competence network with partner universities in the area of AT and SH
    • Visiting partner sites
    • Knowledge transfer: Conversion of teaching material to accessible formats and standards in user evaluation.
  • Translation and conversion of teaching material

International partners: World map showing locations of partner universities.

Data privacy note: Data privacy according to the GDPR (General data protection regulation) will be considered during the development of the project outcomes and services (e.g. Sharing of eLearning courses).

The StudyATHome Internationally project is funded by the City of Vienna, Department MA23, Grant nr. 22-07.

The duration of the project is from Feb. 2018 to Aug. 2022.