Project Goals

Microcontroller-boards or FPGA-boards are used, so that every student can get one board individually to work with for the duration of the course (OPES - One Platform for Every Student). The students are allowed to take this platform with them throughout the duration of the course.

A major goal of this project is to provide measurement add-ons (e.g., software modules for microcontrollers, Soft-IP Cores for FPGAs, etc.) In order to achieve that goal it is necessary to issue a widespread state of the art research and to categorize the already available open-source measurement tools. Furthermore a requirement analysis has to be conducted to identify the key-features for the measurement equipment.

Due to the fact that various Embedded Systems are used in various courses dedicated to Embedded Systems Software & Hardware Design it will be necessary to develop various measurement devices based on the existing platforms.

Furthermore the developed firmware, software & hardware will be available on various platforms (e.g., sourceforge, github, ...) to download & use for free.