AsTeRICS Academy

AsTeRICS Academy for Cross-Cultural Education and Research in Assistive Technologiew

The "AsTeRICS Academy for Cross-Cultural Education and Research in Assistive Technologies" (AsTeRICS-Academy) is devoted to the international research cooperation in the field of Assistive Technologies and to the strong reflection of these topics in the curriculum of the University of Applied Sciences (UAS) Technikum Wien. The various aspects of assistive technologies include autonomy and comfort in the Smart Home (Ambient Assisted Living, AAL), the accessible design of Web pages and user interfaces (Accessible Design, Design-For-All) and the provision of assistance to people with physical or mental disabilities by special devices. An essential task of the AsTeRICS-Academy is to bring international developments in these areas into the academic and educational portfolio of the UAS Technikum Wien.

The main goals of the AsTeRICS Academy include:

  • The competence network for the development of international research collaborations in the AT field: Through workshops, guest lectures and the preparation and implementation of focused projects with international partner organizations, results of research activities of the UAS Technikum Wien are published and other research projects are planned and initiated.
  • The enrichment of the curriculum of the University of Applied Sciences in the field of Assistive Technologies: Recent results from international research are being prepared for regular teaching and are woven into various existing courses of the UAS Technikum Wien. Through the creation of new demonstrators and teaching tools, a practical learning environment is encouraged.
  • The organization of the "AsTeRICS International Summer School for Assisitive Technologies" which will take place in Summer 2015 and 2016 and provides an interesting alternative learing setup with guest lectureres and project form the AT-field.
  • The preparation of international PhD collaborations for students of the UAS Technikum Wien, which create attractive educational opportunities and open new ways for university graduates to continue their academic training in an international PhD. program.

By implementing the AsTeRICS-Academy for Cross-Cultural Education and Research in Assistive Technologies, the UAS Technikum Wien fosters existing efforts in the sector of Assistive Technologies and thereby creates a role model for the current educational landscape of Vienna. Modern AT also facilitates gender-atypical interests and fields of activity: For example, technology-oriented boys and men come into contact with social issues and impacts, while girls and women are encouraged to develop interest for information- and communication technology through its clear application-oriented aspects.

The AsTeRICS Academy is funded by the City of Vienna, Department MA23

The duration of the project is from Sept. 2013 to Aug. 2016.