Data Collection Platform

In the context of this project we are developing a data collection platform for the company Logotronic GmbH. The data collection platform interfaces to a data logger that acquires environmental data. The collected data is relayed via METEOSAT or GOES satellites to dedicated ground stations that forward the transmitted data via the Internet to customers.

The following graphic illustrates the principle system architecture:

The planned key features of the developed data collection platform are:
  • Transmission frequency selectable between 400.00000 MHz and 403.00000 MHz
  • Built-in GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver used as a reference clock
  • Maximum RF output power of 20 watts
  • Meets IDCS and GOES specifications
  • Supports IDCS IA5 and AMDAR as well as GOES ASCII and Pseudo-binary data formats
  • Data logger connects either via RS232 or USB interface
  • Several LEDs show the current status of the power supply, the built-in heater or the activity of the data logger, RF section and GPS module
  • Supply voltage range 11 V to 16 V DC
  • Temperature range -40 degrees to +60 degrees Celcius

Project Duration: Jan. 2006 - Apr. 2007 (Embedded Systems Development)