About Prof (FH) Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Robert Trausmuth, MSc.

ETM professional control GmbH
TFZ Marktstraße 3
A-7000 Eisenstadt

eMail: (hidden)

Robert Trausmuth was born 1967 in Vienna. He studied Technical Physics at the Vienna University of Technology and graduated 1991. At this time he became assistant professor at the Department of Experimental Physics until 1996. From 1996 to 1998 he worked as system programmer for a company called ETM, producer of the PVSS2 general purpose SCADA system. In 1998 he changed to the University of Applied Sciences at Wiener Neustadt, where he set up the department of Computer Engineering. Until 2009 he was head of this department, and since October 2009 he is back at the ETM company, currently working as senior software developer and system architect.

Robert Trausmuth is a CERN member and working with the Central Detector Control System of the ATLAS experiment. He has education in Accelerator Beam Conditioning and Accelerator Control.

In 2009 he finished his post graduate master study of Medical Physics at the Vienna Medical University.

Robert Trausmuth is interested in (digital) signal processing, FPGA implementation of real time processor systems, field busses and factory automation. He is also giving lectures in parallel processing and cluster programming.

R&D activities:

  • NCM - Pogrammable Network Controller for realtime data traffic over standard Ethernet
  • MDPnP Patient Surveillance System in cooperation with CIMIT/Boston
  • TLS traffic control protocol implementation for the ASFINAG traffic control system
  • TLS automatic protocol conformance test suite for ASFINAG