About Dipl.-Ing. Herbert Newald

Frequentis AG
Innovationsstraße 1
A-1100 Wien, Austria

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Herbert Newald was born 1959 in Vienna. After the grammar school he studied Electrical Engineering and Communications Engeneering at the Vienna University of Technology and graduated in 1983. Afterwards he became assistant lecturer at the Department of Computer Technology for the next eight years. Than, up to 2001, he was granted a visiting lecturer status. In 1990 he started as part-time teacher at the polytechnic institute HTL Wien 22. In 1991 he became head of the hardware development team at Securiton General Control Systems GmbH. His responsibilities were coordination of new developments and/or improvements of existing hard- and software products, hardware design, testing and release of new products, coordination between development and external production, analysis and evaluation of product problems and errors, project presentations in charge of the development team. Furthermore he was responsible for grants and patents.

In July 2000 he moved over to the Analog Devices Vienna Design Center (formerly Thomas Neuroth GmbH). There as design engineer he was responsible for the development of the framer part and time division multiplex interface of the SHDSL chip. Since 2003 he is a member of the embedded systems group at the Technikum Vienna.

April 2004 he became head of the hardware development team at the newly founded company Mediornet GmbH (taken over by Riedel Communications GmbH in 2007). Together with a team of firmware programmers, FPGA- and hardware developers the main task was to engineer a complete new range of products for a high-speed realtime optical network for the professional broadcast market. Moreover it was necessary to build up the complete infrastructure for the hardware development and to control external production.

Since September 2007 Herbert Newald is employed at Frequentis AG as a harware architecture designer. There he is responsible for the analysis and principle design of new hardware platforms and in charge of new product developments.