About Christina Hochleitner, MSc

Austrian Institute of Technology
Giefinggasse 2
A-1210 Wien, Austria

eMail: (hidden)

Christina Hochleitner is Scientist at the AIT Business Unit Technology Experience. She studied Mediatechnology and design at FH Hagenberg. She completed a second Masters degree at Aalborg University Copenhagen. Her Master’s theses focused on the development of Heuristics for the evaluation of Advanced Interaction Games and on the development of a handbook for User Studies in VR Environments. Christina has gained professional research and industrial experiences, e.g. as research coordinator at CURE. Since 2012 Christina teaches the subjects HCI and Usability at FH Hagenberg. At AIT her research focus in on human values, in particular on privacy and security. Christina joined FH Technikum Wien in 2016 as visiting lecturer.