News 2017

Dec. 27, 2017 - Bringing Free and Open Source Assistive Technology Tools to India

From December 19-22, 2017, Chris Veigl and Benjamin Aigner were invited by the International Centre for Free and Open Source Software ICFOSS in Kerala, India, to participate in the Swatantra 2017 conference and conduct a hands-on workshop with Free and Open Source Assistive Technology for people with disabilities. "This will be a milestone in Kerala's efforts in using Assistive Technology for the welfare of the masses, especially marginalised sections of the society", said Shri M. Shivasankar, Secretary, Electronics and Information Technology, Govt. of Kerala. Aigner and Veigl presented research outcomes of the AsTeRICS Academy and ToRaDes projects, including the FlipMouse mouth controller and the FABI alternative input device, see photo (credits Sophia Rührer, Sophography). "These technologies and products will be offered to ICFOSS as Do-It-Yourself construction kits, not as an assembled and tested product", said Dr. Jayashankar Prasad, Director, ICFOSS. "This will help us in the production of the equipment at very low cost," he added. ICFOSS would work with the UAS Technikum Wien to develop the technology further. "The dissemination of such technology in India is a priority", he said.

Dec. 1, 2017 - Expert Talk under Participation of Friedrich Praus

The digital transformation is not stopping at our living environment and becomes more and more accepted as voice-controlled assistants in the household such as Amazon Alexa, intelligent home automation and smart solutions for the city of the future show. These topics have been discussed in a panel discussion, organized by the platform "Digital Business Trends" on Nov. 30, 2017 in Vienna. The photo (photographer: Ludwig Schedl, APA) shows the participants of the discussion (from the left to the right): Richard Palmetzhofer (A1 Telekom Austria), Michael Strebl (Wien Energie), Thomas Schwabl (, Christine Antlanger-Winter (Mindshare Austria), Alfred Waschl (caFM engineering), Thomas Stern (Braintrust, Moderation) and Friedrich Praus (FH Technikum Wien). For more information click here ...

May 4, 2017 - Expert Talk by Siegfried Krainer/Infineon Technologies Austria

On May 4th the Department of Embedded Systems hosted, in cooperation with Infineon Technologies Austria AG, an expert talk. This talk highlighted the perspectives for Bachelor & Master students at the company Infineon. Hence, Siegfried Krainer introduced the expertise of Infineon in the field of automation and aviation, especially multicopters and drones. Additionally, Dr. Krainer introduced the "Emerging Applications Lab" which enables Infineon to cooperate with universities and other research institutions in Austria. Furthermore Roman Beneder, project manager of the public funded competence team OpenLab concluded the evening with a talk on former cooperations of the Dept. of Embedded Systems with Infineon and gave an outlook for possible joint actions with Infineon Technologies Austria.

Apr 28, 2017 - Workshop by Brendan Jackman/Waterford Institute of Technology

From April 24-26, Brendan Jackman from the Waterford Institute of Technology visited the FH Technikum Wien. He conducted a workshop for diagnosing and simulating automotive bus systems with the state-of-the-art tool CANoe from Vector Informatik. The workshop compliments the regular FlexRay system planning workshop held in the Master Embedded Systems study program. Hence, it was a perfect fit for the first year master students of the Master Embedded Systems program that attended the workshop. The FH Technikum Wien is looking forward for further cooperations with the Waterford Institute of Technology.