News 2008

Oct 8, 2008 - Department of Embedded Systems presents new invention at the IEEE ISPCS

A team of researchers at the Department of Embedded Systems recently works in close cooperation with the Vienna company Oregano Systems GmbH. At the international conference ISPCS (IEEE International Symposium on Precision Clock Synchronization for Measurement, Control and Communication) in September 2008 at the University of Michigan, USA, the world's first fully integrated solution to synchronize clocks according to IEEE1588 over Ethernet Layer 2 was presented.

The cooperation Department of Embedded Systems with Oregano Systems successfully participated at the "plug-fest" which is an opportunity to test and demonstrate device and system interoperability and to resolve compatibility issues (see photo). Implementers and many well known international providers of network infrastructure were invited and encouraged to cooperate with others to demonstrate system-wide clock synchronization and operation of protocols across as wide a spectrum of devices as possible. The small footprint and integration of the solution into a single chip attracted considerable interest. Who knows? Maybe know-how from Vienna soon can be found in microchips all around the world ...

Sept 4, 2008 - Microelectronics Conference ME2008 takes place at the University of Applied Sciences

The Microelectronics Conference ME2008 takes place at the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien from October 15-16, 2008. A conference session which deals with architectures and the design of embedded systems is chaired by the Department of Embedded Systems. The session is opened by an invited talk from Michael Pont, University of Leicester. The complete conference program can be found on the ME2008 conference website.

Aug 1, 2008 - GenderDay-08 organized by the Department of Embedded System

The Department of Embedded Systems organizes the first GenderDay at the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien which takes place on October 14, 2008. The GenderDay-08 is dedicated to the role of women in technology, particularly in the area of electronics and computer science. The event consists of invited talks, workshops, a panel discussion and an exhibition. The GenderDay-08 is organized in context to the R&D project Automotive Gateways which is funded by the City of Vienna.
Detailed information about the GenderDay-08 can be found here ...

July 23, 2008 - Research Studio Austria starts in October 2008 at the Department of Embedded System

A proposal for a RSA (Research Studio Austria) called COORDES (Coordinated Test, Debugging, and Diagnosis in Distributed Embedded Systems) was selected for funding by the reviewers of the FFG. COORDES deals with the implementation of a new method for the coordinated analysis of distributed embedded systems (patent pending). A prove of concept will be done using FPGA-based prototyping as well as MPW-based silicon prototyping. The RSA starts in November 2008 at the Department of Embedded Systems and has a duration of 3 years.

May 4, 2008 - Cooperation between Technikum Wien and RWTH Aachen

In the context of the research project DECS and in collaboration with the department Computer Science XI from the RWTH Aachen a 8051-uC simulator has been developed and integrated to the assembly level model-checker [mc]square. First results will be presented at the Symposium on Industrial Embedded Systems 2008 (SIES'08) in Montpellier in June. During a one-week visit of Bastian Schlich further cooperation tasks related to the extension and improvement of [mc]square have been negotiated.

Jan 29, 2008 - Kick-Off for Research Cooperation

On January, 28 a kick-off meeting for a research cooperation between the Department of Embedded Systems, University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien, and the Austrian company Oregano Systems has taken place at the main office of Oregano Systems in Wien 1030.
The joint work deals with the development of an integrated solution for a IEEE1588 clock synchronization mechanism to be used in distributed reliable systems. For these research activities, Oregano Systems provides hardware and software (quoted price about 140.000 Euro) to the Department of Embedded Systems. The photo shows the CEOs of Oregano Systems, G. Cadek (left side) and N. Kerö (right side) as well as the project leader R. Höller from the University of Applied Sciences presenting hardware which is used in the project.