Master in Embedded Systems: 3. Semester

Embedded Systems Project (12 ECTS)

Practical implementation of projects - typically in context of one of the research projects at the department or in context of development efforts of a company in the field of embedded systems. The project, basically, serves to implement practical aspects for the master thesis in the 4th semester. Checkout various topics addressed in the past semesters.

Leadership Training (3 ECTS)

Application of practical leadership and motivation models for projects; analysis of leadership skills, giving and receiving feedback, self-perception / external perception; to control without power or formal competence; the right way to handle crises, success and failures; to reflect on complex leading situations; project marketing

Societal Impact Studies (3 ECTS)

Case Studies: electronics problems in aeronautic and automotive industries

Process and Quality Management (3 ECTS)

customer benefits, pricing and costing, business process management, process models, quality management: ISO9001, TQM, EFQM, quality management in the context of the automotive industry