Master in Embedded Systems: 1. Semester

Embedded Software (6 ECTS)

  • Task, Scheduling, Intertask Communication and Synchronization, Exceptions, Interrupts and Timer Services
  • Black Box Testing, White Box Testing, System Test, Integration Test, Unit Test, Interfaces to other Software Verification Methods
  • OO Analysis and Design for Embedded Systems, Practical training using a state-of-the-art RT-UML Tool

Dependable Systems (6 ECTS)

probability theory, dependability basics and parameters, fault tolerance: architectures and methods, data fault tolerance, fault removal techniques, fault modeling and prediction

Fundamentals of Control Engineering (6 ECTS)

linear time invariant systems, system description with differential equations, Laplace transformation, frequency response, frequency response locus, bode diagram, transfer function, plants, controllers, controller design with bode diagram and root locus, analog and digital implementation of controllers, stability of control loops

Chip Design (6 ECTS)

ITRS, Digital ASIC Verification, PSL with VHDL and Verilog, ASIC Technologies, Standard Cell Flow, Libraries, Digital Logic Synthesis, ASIC Backend, Signal Integrity, Analog ASIC Design, Design for Test, SystemC, Low Power Design

Selected Topics in Electronics Engineering and Computer Sciences (6 ECTS)

Selected Topics in Electronics Engineering and Computer Sciences, e.g., Microcontroller Basics, Advanced Microcontroller Programming, Linux System Programming, Modelbased Design using Matlab/Simulink, VHDL Primer, Getting Started with FPGAs, and Electronic Basics.